TribesMC Discord Server

WFloydBoy A posted Sun at 15:00

Hello Everyone!

Several months ago I begun using Discord to communicate with friends rather than the typical skype or teamspeak and I became very comfortable with its overall similarities, but also the convenience it offers by acting as a combination of the two. 

Because I enjoyed it so much, I decided I would start a Discord server dedicated to the Tribes Community. A place we could discuss things going on with the server or whatever random stuff going through our heads. I have also been using our Discord for recruiting people to test and try out Tribes which has gone over very well so far. 

We have reached over 120 people in the Discord and with the planned release of Tribes (very soon), we could use as many testers as possible. All suggestions are greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing you all on Discord and Tribes soon! 

- Floyd

AppleBlastYT Whats the discord name, and will donors keep their ranks?